Legendary Golf Clubs of UK

Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland

Photographs by Anthony Edgeworth

This is the third collaboration by writer John de St. Jorre, photographer Anthony Edgeworth, and designer Samuel Antupit. For the first time, a photographer and writer were given access and full cooperation to work inside some of the oldest and most famous golf clubs in Britain and Ireland. The result is an intimate and splendidly produced portrait of twelve legendary clubs whose history is an integral part of the game of golf.

“What a beautiful book this is; opening it to any photograph brings back to me the misty bracing flavor of British golf.”
John Updike

“A stunning book… a collector’s item if ever there was one.”
Bruce Critchley, SKY TV golf commentator and writer

“No book published in recent times comes as close to evoking the atmosphere of golf, golfers and their clubs as to bear comparison with Darwin, Ward-Thomas and Warren Wind.”
Kenneth Souter, Scottish golfer, Edinburgh

“I honestly believe it’s the most beautiful golf book I have ever seen… the atmospheres and attitudes of the clubs are wonderfully captured.”
Ian Wooldridge, golf columnist, The Daily Mail

[Wellington, Florida: Edgeworth Editions, 1998]