The Marines

Photographs by Anthony Edgeworth

As with their book, The Guards, writer and photographer were granted full access to another historic and much revered military formation. Living cheek-by-jowl with the U.S. Marines, they covered basic training in Parris Island, armored exercises in the Mojave Desert, maneuvers in the snows of Norway, jungle patrols in the Philippines, cruised with the Fleet Marine Force in the Pacific, and attended ceremonial parades in Washington.

“With short essays and extraordinary pictures, this eloquently simple book gives us the beating heart of the U.S. Marine Corps, servant of our republic since the Revolution.”
Stephen Coonts, author of Final Flight and other novels

[New York: Doubleday, 1989]
[Reissued by Edgeworth Editions, 2001, with a new Introduction by General James L. Jones, Commandant of the Marine Corps]